Team and Individual

If you're looking for photos for youth sports, you've come to the right place!  

In addition to traditional team photos, where team members are photographed together, I also offer composited or "virtual" groups where each group is built digitally from individual photos of each athlete.  There's a great video that shows this process here (note:  this video is not of one of my shoots, just one that helps to illustrate the process).  In today's time of social distancing, these kinds of shoots have been growing in popularity and offer some advantages over the more traditional teams.  These advantages include:

  • Convenience.  Team members arrive for their appointment and don't need to stay or come back for a second team photo.  Have siblings who play on different teams?  Not a problem!  Select one appointment time to have both photographed individually, and they will both be composited into the appropriate team photo.  Same goes for any team member who may be sick or on vacation on picture day...  Simply bring them by the studio at your convenience,and they will be composited into their appropriate team photo ( a small session fee applies).
  • Accuracy.  Ever get the team photo back and find that somehow there was one team member who wasn't looking or had closed eyes?  There's virtually no chance of that happening with a composited image.  Since every athlete is photographed individually, any shot with closed eyes will be recomposed and photographed again immediately. 
  • Creativity.  There are endless possibilities when it comes to background selection!  From stadium looks, to scoreboard and practice fields, stages...wrestling mats or simple single-color backgrounds, there are so many options to choose from!  You're no longer limited to a rec center gymnasium, school auditorium or a basic marbled backdrop.  The sky is the limit, and YOU get to choose your background!  I work with boosters groups, coaches and senior athletes to help them choose the background that will be perfect for their group! 
  • Space.  Picture day usually means huge lighting setups and background stands taking up floor space during practice time.  With virtual groups, the setup is so small that I'm usually able to setup in a hallway or entry way requiring very little space and once your athlete has been photographed, he or she is free to get back to practice! 

Whether you choose to have your team photographed virtually or traditionally, there are a couple things that will remain the same.  1)  I always provide a donation back to the organization I'm working with, 2) I am fully insured and licesned to do business in the state of Ohio, 3) you'll have a wide variety of products available for purchase and 4) I always provide excellent customer service! Plus, as a member of the Professional Photographers of America, I am continuously educating myself on the best techniques and newest innovations.  

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